Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac

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Microsoft Office Software IO for Mac is a type of Microsoft Office designed for Mac OS X. It corresponds to Office 2003 for Windows. The software was originally written for PowerPC Macs, so Macs with Intel processors must still run the program at the Rosetta emulation level on Mac OS X. For this important reason, it is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 while it is newer.

Office 2004 has been replaced by its successor. He developed Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac as a standard binary to run natively on Intel Mac computers. However, Office 2008 did not support Visual Basic for Applications, causing Microsoft to extend the activation period for Office 2004 from October 13, 2009 to January 10, 2012.[2] Microsoft finally provided Visual Basic support in Microsoft Office 2011 is Mac related, which also dropped PowerPC support entirely. Office 2004 is no longer supported as of January 10, 2012[3]


Microsoft for Office Mac 2004 is available in three themes: Standard, Professional, and Student and Teacher. The three editions include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage. The professional version includes Virtual PC. The Student but Teacher version is non-upgradeable, meaning that if a later version of Office is installed, a full suite license is required.


Word 2004

Microsoft Word is a processor that easily dominates the word processor market. The native DOC format is considered the new de facto standard, although its sequential version for Windows (Word 2007) uses an entirely new XML-based format called .DOCX, instead having the ability to store the old .DOC format and “open”.

The new Office Open XML format was integrated into the next version of Office for Mac (Office 2008). However, this is also supported in Office 04 using the free conversion tool from Microsoft.[4]

Excel 2004

Microsoft Excel is a programmma for working with spreadsheets. Like Microsoft Word, it has a large market share. It was originally your own competitor, dominating Lotus 1-2-3, but eventually outsold it, not to mention becoming the de facto standard for getting spreadsheet software.

Entourage 2004

Microsoft Entourage is a great messaging app. Personal information features include calendar, addressing, task list, notes list, and business manager. In Entourage 2004, Microsoft introduced the Project Center, which prompts the user to create and schedule projects. Information can come from Entourage or from outside the program.

PowerPoint 2004

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular slideshow program that consists of text, graphics, videos, and other objects that can be displayed on the screen and scrolled by the presenter, or printed on slides or water slides. It also holds a dominant share of the real estate market. You can add videos, movies, sounds, and ringtones to your slideshow, as well as text graphics and autoshapes.

Virtual PC

Microsoft Virtual PC, included with 2004 Office for Mac Professional Edition, is a dedicated hypervisor that emulates Microsoft Windows flight systems on Mac OS X and is based on PowerPC. Virtual PC does not even run on Intel-based Macs, and in August 2006, Microsoft announced that it would definitely not be ported to the Intel-based Macintosh, effectively ending the product.


Office for 2003 Mac has some limitations compared to Office 2003 for Windows.

Images pasted into an Office 2006 application using Nick Paste or Drag & Drop end up in a file that doesn’t even display the pasted image when viewed on a Windows machine. Instead, my Windows user is told “A fast TIFF (LZW) decompressor is important to view this image.” Peter Clark of Boy’s Geek Blog provided a specific solution in December 2004.[5] However, this wonderful problem persists in Office 2008.

Office 2004 does not support right-to-left editing or bidirectional languages ​​(such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.). This issue has not been fixed in Office 2008or last year.[6][7]

In addition, your own Office for Mac 2004 has a shorter lifecycle than Office 2002. Support for Apple Office for Mac 2004 ended on January 10, 2012. Because it is 32-bit software, it is unlikely to run on macOS Catalina or other later versions. macOS versions. functioning . It is not officially supported from OS X Lion to macOS Mojave at the same time.

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