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Upgrade And Integration Services For Microsoft 7 Windows

Microsoft Windows 7 is a revolutionary desktop operating system that delivers new levels of performance, security, and consistency. The main features of this Windows reveal are faster startup, better provider sharing, easier network connectivity, and a simplified experience. Microsoft 7 Windows also provides businesses with a very good opportunity to migrate to 64-bit computing on home PCs. Microsoft Progent Certified Engineers can help most users migrate to Windows 7 from previous versions of Windows, and can also offer a variety of services to help you manage and maintain all of your desktops with I Need Help 7< / nobr > >

Various Windows Migration Services
Progent’s Windows to 7 migration methodology is based on proven best practices that limit your costs and minimize downtime. Progent is designed to help you evaluate
Windows 7 upgrade activities and can help you with all aspects of moving to Windows 7, from planning to project implementation, management and functionality. Depending on the size of your actual network and the maturity of your infrastructure, your best Windows 7 deployment strategy may be local, parallel, heavily automated, or mostly manual. Progent can help you determine which approach is truly the most reliable and cost effective for your environment. extensive

When migrating to Windows 7, we recommend that you use desktop images to save time and avoid errors. This includes creating basic desktop configurations for various environments incorporate network and save these controls as images that can be automatically repeated on their respective desktop PCs. Vision includes an operating system, drivers combined with core applications, standardizing the way your workstations are set up almost always and avoiding delays due to manual installation errors. Seven

Windows Migration Services available with Progent include:

  • Inventory your PC’s hardware and software to determine if you can deploy Windows 7.
  • Create a certification and activation plan
  • Assess and troubleshoot compatibility issues with applications and drivers
  • Select and further automate the process of capturing and working with desktop images.
  • Set up the image and use the server
  • Specify a reference image with text apps, group policies, and alert settings.
  • Create a plan for installing additional computer applications and personal data
  • Creating custom boot imagescall Windows PE/
  • Create a pilot planet to test and validate the surgical treatment of imaging and delivery servers.
  • Test the new key application running in your Windows 7 Captain environment.
  • Deploy images with automated tools to save time and reduce organizational disruption.

Progent desktop deployment experts are now familiar with Microsoft’s powerful tools for automating and validating the progress of Windows 7 migrations. These tools include ACT for checking compatibility issues, Windows System Image Manager (SIM) for creating a reference desktop image, ImageX for capturing and applying Windows 7 Images, Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) to reorder existing images, Windows Deployment Services (WDS) or Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) to deploy Windows 7, Windows Easy Transfer (WET), and Custom Migration Tool environments (USMT) for personal user state management and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) for deployment or otheraccepting updates.

Management and Support Services for Windows 7
Progent offers a wide range of support services that can help businesses increase sales and add value to their Windows 7 desktops:

Call Center Support
Progent Online Help’s call center support team of certified Microsoft professionals gives your Windows 7 users quick and easy access to a trusted resource for phone support and remote troubleshooting. Progent is committed to building Help-A-Office Desk’s reputation in the marketplace as it contributes to the success of your business by solving problems, not just chasing them. You can migrate all support from your desktop call center to Progent or the Progent app as a seamless extension of your own help desk. Progent also offers consulting services to help your organization integrate the most advanced technologies in addition to proven processes to build or further improve your call center.

Av Windows 7 Configuration Management Desktop Formatization
The progent management experts can show you how to optimize the management of your own Windows 7 PCs. Experienced startup entrepreneurs are experienced in providing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager recommendations to speed up network management, improve security, and increase productivity by keeping all application information up to date. to date, tracking license compliance as well as tracking usage patterns to achieve the best and most efficient buying strategy. Progent can also help you migrate to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager from Microsoft SMS Server or other legacy change management platforms. For Office 365 environments, Progent can help Microsoft provide Intune recommendations for advanced cloud management as Windows 7 PCs work with Apple iOS, Android, or Windows smartphones. In addition, Progent Wi-Fi Compatibility Advisors can help you unlock secure, Intune-managed bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments by providingservices like Apple iPhone and iPad integration, Google Android phone and tablet advice, and RIM provides the BlackBerry experience. .

Safety and Compliance Tips
Progent security engineers offer a range of incredibly affordable network security vulnerability assessment software that allows organizations to perform a functional analysis of their network security options. Progent Internal Security Assessments automatically scan Windows 7 workstations within a network firewall to help identify configuration issues that could be vectors for malicious attacks or stolen parts. For each unexpected vulnerability, Progent Certified Security Engineers analyze the collected data, compile a summary, and offer actionable suggestions to fix the vulnerabilities.

Disaster Recovery
In many cases, Progent consultants can help your organization implement a failover system architecture with features such as Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Failover Clustering, automatic failoverEmergency Internet connection failover, system reboot with load balancing and mission-critical data centers. Progent Microsoft and Cisco Certified Network Engineers will show you how virtualization can be put into practice to increase uptime and optimize generation by quickly restoring Windows 7 desktops. Progent can also help design and document a comprehensive business continuity product that includes near-continuous online backup using Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager.

Real-time online learning for Windows desktop applications
Progent offers real-time online training for a range of client channels and operating systems, including Microsoft Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Acrobat Writer, Adobe Photoshop CS, Crystal Reports, and later Microsoft 7 Windows. Interactive virtual schools offer advantages over traditional college workshops, including instant communication between teens and teachers, but avoid travel costs.s and problems associated with trying to synchronize the schedules of several students. Offered to individuals or even groups of any size, online learning in real time allows the instructor to deliver lessons from a remote program while clients can be distributed across campus or in all of the aforementioned countries. Progent’s webinar classes make the most of powerful learning tools such as confidential whiteboards, real-time questions, and desktop chat. Sessions can be short and focused on specific topics, or extended and broader. And students can work on the examples on their own or in class.