How to Use Advanced Boot Options to Solve Your Problem

In some cases, Windows 10 automatic repair cannot fix your PC error which may be caused by disk, hard and the only best solution is to reconnect it. communicate with your hard drive, connect the configuration cable and reboot.

In some cases, Windows 10 automatic repair may not fix your PC error that may be caused by the hard drive and the only alternative is to reconnect it. You just need to swap the PC, turn it off, save Windows and turn off Hard Boost. Everything you need to do is connect to your hard drive, plug in the config cable and reboot.

You can pass an ASPError object to get information about the error in the detected script in the ASP page. This Server.GetLastError method returns an ASPError object. The ASPError object exposes read-only properties.

How do I fix automatic repair boot loop?

Run commands and download fix chkdsk.
Run a system scan in safe mode.
Repair the Windows registry.
Disable the automatic repair tool.
Reset your Windows 10 devices.

Currently, you can use ASPError on the ASP page object, where it is configured to respond to large http errors. For more information on setting custom errors, see Creating custom error messages.




returns the error code generated by IIS.


Returns more detailed information about the error if it is related to ASP


Indicates if the bug tracker was internal to support your asp, language, script, or object.


Indicates the column position of this particular .asp file that contains the error.


Summarize these return errors.


Specifies the upload name of the .asp file to process when an error occurs.


Displays our own .asp file that caused the error.


Returns a standard COM error code.


Usually returns the source code, if it is indeed a string, returns the one that failed.

If IIS encounters error number one when getting or running an .asp file with Launch, it generates a custom 500; code 100 error. By default, all web apps and applications are ported with the default 500;100 for standard .asp file error generation. Also, after your own custom error generates 500;100, IIS instantiates an object of type asperror that sets the error condition.

Code Example

The following example demonstrates how to capture the information provided by an object via ASPError.

<% If the error goes away, then Set=objASPError Server.GetLastError Response.WriteServer.HTMLEncode(objASPError.Category) If Len(CStr(objASPError.ASPCode)) 0 Then > Response .Write Server.HTMLEncode(", " & objASPError.ASPCode) if end Response.Write Server.HTMLEncode(" (0x" & Hex(objASPError.Number) ")" ) & & "
" If Len(CStr(objASPError.ASPDesscription)) 0 Then > Response.Write Server.HTMLEncode(objASPError.ASPDesscription) and "
" Len(CStr(objASPError elseif.> description)) 4 then Response.Write Server.HTMLEncode(objASPError.Description) and "
" When %>


Client: Windows End requires XP Professional, Windows 2000, or professional Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

Server: Requires Windows Server ’03, Windows 2000 or Server, NT Windows Server 4.0.

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    • ASP code: ASP code used string returns a value indicating the error code that should be generated by the IIS server. This property applies to the error object. This is a built-in exact method of the Error object.


      ASPError. ASPDescription aspcode()
    • aspdescription: applied to a verbose statement Profiling an error.


    • < li>ASP Category: The ASP Category property used is used to return the error site a.< p>Syntax:

    • column: ASP Column use to determine the position of the column in the ASP data file that caused the error.


    • Description: ASP property description is used to concisely description of each error.


      ASPError.The description()
    • File: The ASP file property is used to get the ASP filename. errors. p>


      How do I fix my computer using command prompt?

      Click Startup Repair.
      Click System Restore.
      Choose your username.
      Enter parole.
      Type “cmd” to create the main search box.
      Open command prompt, right click and select from “Run as administrator”.
      Type sfc in the /scannow direction bar and press Enter.

    • String: ASP property string that should return the number of lines in the generated ASP error file.


      ASPE rror.Line()
    • Number: The ASP number property used returns the generic error code for COM errors for.

      Syntax:< /p>

      ASP error. The Number()
    • source: ASP Source property is used to return the source code to the actual line where the error occurred.


      < pre > ASPError.Source() < /pre>

    Code example: The following code includes the properties of the And error object.



    dim objErr

    How do I fix automatic repair boot loop?

    Run commands AND fixboot-chkdsk.Systemscan
    in.start mode in safe mode.
    Repair the Windows Registry.
    Disable the automatic repair tool.
    Reset your Windows 10 device.

    set objErr=Server.GetLastError()

    response.write("ASPCode=" & objErr. ASPCode)


    response.write("ASPDescription=" & objErr.ASPDesscription)

    response.write(< /codee>"

    response.write("Category=" & objErr.Category)


    response.write("Column=" & objErr.Column)

    < code>response.write("

    response.write(< code >"Description=" & objErr.Description)


    response.write("File=" & ob jErr.File)


    response.write("Line=" & objErr.Line)

    response.write(< code>“

    response.write( "Number=" & objErr.Number)


    respo nse.write("Source=" & objErr.Source)< /p>< p>%>

    How do I fix my computer using Command Prompt?

    Click Startup Repair.
    Click System Restore.
    Choose your name User.
    Enter password.
    Type “cmd” directly into the main search box.
    Right-click Command Prompt Dot and select “Run as administrator”.
    Type sfc in /scannow at the command line and press Enter.

    How to translate error description from VB to html market? I have tried the following dilemma which never works.

    if you get an error message, then
    Give an answer. Write ":Err Information==>>"
    <% end if In case of error jump to 0

    asked here September 4, 2014 at 6:24 am

    How do I get out of diagnosing your PC loop?

    If your Windows PC freezes at the Diagnostics Your PC screen, turn it off three times in a row and then run Automatic Repair again. If the problem persists, enter additional troubleshooting information and uninstall the new problematic download. As a last resort, reinstall the entire operating system using an external bootable USB drive.

    Why is my computer saying diagnosing your PC?

    Most likely correct, installation of update files failed. That's why your laptop or desktop computer is stuck in this restored image trying to diagnose your computer. When your device gets to the "automatic recovery screen", "Choose advanced options". Wait for your computer to finish uninstalling the update.

    How do I fix my computer using Command Prompt?

    Click Startup Repair.
    Click System Restore.
    Choose your username.
    Enter password.
    Enter "cmd" according to the main search field.
    Basically, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
    If necessary, Sfc type /scannow press and Enter.