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Your amazing Windows 11/10 PC is stuck in an endless reboot issue after updating, updating or rebooting Windows orthe appearance of a blue screen. It may not display a message in front of your computer system; and then if, it might look like this:

  • Error configuring Windows updates and changes
  • Reset cannot complete updates, changes
  • cancel

  • Automatic repair failed, problem stuck in restart loop
  • < li >Your computer will automatically restart in one minute.

If your own Windows PC is also restarting without the video clip getting stuck in a restart loop, here are some things you can aim for. Please read the full messages with links to each and see which situation may apply to you.

Whatever this particular reason is, try entering Safe Mode first. If you can enter safe mode, otherwise everything is fine; you must include in its installation media Windows.Ezah=”250″

run everything a few times and see if the problem resolves. Sometimes Windows may automatically open the recovery option.Presentations or automatically start automatic recovery. But if the reboot continues, try these suggestions. Reload

1] Update Continues After Installation, Driver Sometimes Or Program

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If you want a good bootable system, double is not that hard. In the operating system selection computer monitor when duplicating, where you select “To see gw990 boot”, you have a specific option to change the default setting or one of many options.

Select it > And Options select Advanced Troubleshooting > Launch Windows Settings. Settings

When starting on the keyboard, press 4, open to select Enable Mode the Safe Option.

If you only have one operating system installed on your computer, you must find a way to teach Windows 11/10 in safe mode. options:

  1. Press Shift ezah=”90″ and reboot, abort to open advanced home screen options.
  2. Go to Settings > Update & security > Advanced recovery
  3. Type

If the f8 key is already activated, it’s easier to press F8 at boot to enter safe mode. If

Select > Start > Settings > Security > Update Utility and Troubleshooter, or select the Troubleshooter link at the bottom of this section.
Select the type of troubleshooting you want to perform, then troubleshoot.

You can’t enter Safe Mode, you may need to boot Windows 11/10 from installation media or windows from someone else’s recovery drive and select Repair your computer so it can bring up Advanced Troubleshooting > From Boot > Command Options. So now you can use CMD to run commands. Whether you can use windows 11/10 or a bootable DVD, USB or Windows, it is possible to burn ISO 11/10 to USB with many other computers. In < /p>

Well, anyway, once you get out of the system loop and into safe mode, we may have accessed advanced options, we have the following options:

  1. Open Control Panel > Programs > Features and. View deployed updates. Here you can delete a specific problematic update (including an update) that you may have installed in the last week, just before the problem occurred. If you installed a program, you will probably uninstall it as well.
  2. If you recently updated your device drivers and now find that Windows keeps restarting, you may be able to resolve some driver issues or consider rolling back your current driver to a more early version.options

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The above options are available if you are in safe mode and have accessed additional options:

    1. Run command prompt run as administrator. In a CMD package displayed on a computer screen, the sequence of the following items is pressed one after the other when pressing the Enter key
      net stop wuauserv

      Stop Bits


      On the taskbar, find type package, task, control panel and select control panel. some results.
      Select Programs > Programs and Features.
      Right click on the program you really want to run, choose “Repair” if or, it’s just not available, choose “Change”. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

      net now in the C:\ Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete all files and versions in it.

      Restart your computer. If everything is set to boot from the desktop.

    2. Windows 10/8 browsers can auto-repair on startup. Windows 7 users shouldthink about repairing Windows 7.
  1. Use System Restore to return your computer to a previous good point.
  2. Repair the MBR by starting boot and command prompt.
  3. Reinstall Windows.

    If you wish, you can also exclude Windows Updates from windows after a reboot using Group Policy or the Registry Editor.

    2] Continuous Reboot Due To Hardware Failure

    Computer failure, instability or hardware may cause the system to continue working. The problem could be new in RAM, new drive, new hard drive, new graphics card, or external devices: possibly a BIOS overheating problem. This message will help you when your computer restarts or crashes due to hardware problems. To make changes, you must enter safe mode. Restart

    3] Then Blue Screen And Prevent Errors

    To restart the system again due to a software or driver problem after an error, compile to stop the following. You must do soYou can usually find bugs in the code that can help you troubleshoot distribution issues. To make changes, you must enter safe mode.

    Open System from the WinX menu in Windows 11/10. Next Advanced on the tab "Settings" > "System" > "Advanced recovery options at > startup". Clear the Automatically reload disk space check box. Click Apply/OK and Done


    create or here, modify the DWORD value named autoreboot and set it to 0.

    Run a deep virus scan.
    Update your final software.
    Reduce bloating.
    Check your Wi-Fi connection.
    Reinstall each of our operating systems.

    Now, if Windows were to verify that it had crashed due to a shutdown error, it would not restart the workstation, but instead the computer would display some error principles that could help you troubleshoot blue screen problems.

    4] Reload Loop After Each Ezaw="300">this Update

    Infection with software or malware can also cause your computer to restart. Skip carefullyUpdate your computer with antivirus software. also you may need a built-in on-demand second opinion antivirus tool to scan your windows. Just to be doubly safe.

    IOBit Driver Amplifier.
    Fixed Win 10.
    The ultimate tweaker for Windows 4.
    Windows repair.
    Windows Recovery Toolkit.
    O&O ShutUp10.

    Answer: Yes, Windows 10 has a built-in recovery tool that helps you Downloadmodo common computer problems frequently.