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Geeky Death Funny Windows Error Computer Code Nerd Blue Screen

Designed and sold by ikichidesign

The infamous Windows Blue Screen of Death error is crowned with a funny quote that reads: “YOUR BRAIN IS TOO MANY OPEN TABS.” The original design also has a funny quote on the back of the error code, allowing me to stop doing what I’m doing now.
Ideal childbirth

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  • >——– Information is passed over data ——–
  • 2 pair += 5 (for extreme high values ​​2)
  • AAAA (American Anti Evil Association)Abbreviation usage)
  • (A)board, (P)try, (P)pretend it didn’t happen…
  • Permission denied: no, no, no, no!
  • Error? Impossible! My decoder bug is fixed.
  • As a computer scientist, I find your belief in systems amusing.
  • Stupid ASCII question, take stupid ANCI.
  • Invalid command. Wrong, wrong order! Sit! Stay! Stay…
  • Invalid command or file name! Stand in the corner.
  • Best available file data compression: “DEL *.*” = 100% compression
  • Beware of programmers with tools. (Leonard Brandwein)
  • Beware of gif geeks.
  • Bless your opponents for their saves!
  • Happy is the end user who doesn’t try anything because they won’t be disappointed.
  • The box said “Requires Windows prior to 2000 or later”, so I installed Linux.
  • BREAKFAST.COM stopped… flake port not responding
  • BUFFERS=20 FILES=15 Shot: 4th down, quarterback, 5 yards to pass!
  • Errors occur due to open windows.
  • Buy a Pentium to restart your computer faster.
  • C combinese flexibility and fast syntax with my friendly syntax.
  • C: main of all directories.
  • Calm down. They are just ones followed by zeros.
  • Reality.sys could not be found. The universe has stopped.
  • COFFEE.EXE is missing – insert a cup and press any key
  • COFFEE.EXE not found: (A)board, (R)try, (F)all sleepers
  • Sweet coffee with NO-DOZ… programming fuel
  • COMMAND: suggestion to the computer.
  • Misconception #1: You never use all your disk space.
  • Computer programmers don’t create bytes, even if they chew a little.
  • IT developers know how to use their unique hardware.
  • IT: Solving Tomorrow’s Problems
  • Computers may be God’s way of telling you that you’re not confused enough.
  • Computers are not necessarily smart. They just think they are people.
  • Computers will never replace human stupidity.
  • Computers make certain mistakes very quickly.
  • Update definition: remove old inconsistencies, insert new ones.
  • Document tood??? Why do you think they call it “code”?
  • Scanning more lines than an associative array is like trying to beat someone to death with an uzi. (Larry Wall)
  • Don’t humanize computers: they hate it.
  • Don’t delete more than you can see.
  • Double Your Motivational Space: Remove Windows
  • Pest emails are more dangerous than messages of any kind.
  • Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue…
  • Error reading FAT entry. Try THIN? (Yes/No)
  • Ethernet(n): An item used when you need to capture an ethereal rabbit.
  • Failure is an inefficient option. It comes with my software.
  • FATAL SYSTEM ERROR. Press F13 to continue…
  • The fax is stranger than fiction.
  • The file is considered not found. Should I pretend? (Yes/No)
  • Friends are not required to allow friends to use Windows.
  • A fool will inherit the earth.
  • The generation of related random numbers is also important and depends on the case. (to Robert Covey)
  • Give the man a plan, tease him for a dayb.
    Teach a man or woman to code and disappoint them for life.
  • Large groups of small characters appear.
  • Bring the hard drive to your ear: hear C:
  • How many computer manufacturers will it take to replace this light bulb?
    No: This is a hardware problem.
  • Maybe I can’t stand it.
  • I pressed the control button, but I still can’t control it!
  • I keep pressing Esc, but I’m still here.
  • I think there is a whole global market for about five desktops. (IBM President Thomas Watson, 1943)
  • I would probably like to change the world, but they didn’t give me a company code.
  • If you don’t succeed at first, name the version 1.0.
  • If you fail terribly, restart.
  • If God the Father had wanted humans to program, we probably would have been born with serial I/O ports.
  • If it bleeds, it is material.
  • Forced in case of overload. If it decreased, it had to be replaced
  • If you press the button, our software will unlock it. Give us a call andWe blame Microsoft. (Scott Adams)
  • It says “assuming you insert disc #3”, but probably only two will suffice!
  • Injection systems are 95% ranged and 5% pure terror.
  • Life would be easier if I had this source code.
  • Linux: for IQ above 98.
  • Linux philosophy is usually “laugh in the face of danger”. Oops. Badly. ‘Do it yourself’. Yes, this is it. (Linus Torvalds)
  • MacIntosh computers tend to go from idiots to geniuses; IBM computers are made by idiots out of geniuses.
  • Male version 1.0, female version 1.1
    Do you have questions?
  • Managing classification programmers is like holding cats. (Dave Platt)
  • Let the source code be your extension.
  • Microsoft isn’t evil, they just help build really crappy operating systems. (Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux)
  • My nerd friend had so many bacteria that he now has a constant cough!
  • My software never has bugs. It just develops random traits.
  • New proverbs:
    ASCII, but you understand.
    ROM was not created in one day.
  • Old hardware engineers never die, they just cache their chips.
  • Old programmers never die. You wouldn’t do it so well C.
  • Old programmers never die. You just lost your memory.
  • Old web programmers never die. You simply resign and remain a resident.
  • Society can search indefinitely on an empty hard drive.
  • Pentium; Crazy extra pen and paper.
  • Press any key… no, no, none of them, NONE!
  • Press any key to continue or any other key to exit.
  • Now press Ctrl-Alt-Del for the IQ test.
  • Real programmers don’t document… If this was hard to write, it must be hard to understand.
  • Real programs don’t prepare the cache.
  • Runtime Error 6D at 417A: 32CF: Incompetent User
  • 640 KB should be enough for anyone. (Microsoft Chairman Gates, Need 1981)
  • SELECT*FROM user WHERE index=TRUE;
    no rows returned
  • Press eyebrows on your keyboard to continue.
  • One day, men and women who know how to use PCs will dominate those who can’t. And they will have a special name… Webmaster. (Scott Adams)
  • There are usually ten types of people in my world… those who understand binary and those who don’t.
  • There is no reason why almost everyone needs a computer in someone’s home. (President of DEC, Ken Olson, 1977)
  • No place like
  • This is the full message from God Gates: “The world is restarting. Please log out.”
  • This will restrict your Windows session. Want to play another game?
  • Those who want to destroy these gods, teach them the BASICS first.
  • Becoming one with your computer means reaching a state beyond nerdvana. (Scott Adams)
  • Iteration is individual, recursion is divine.
  • To “shutdown” your precious system, type “WIN”.
  • Virtual reality is its own reward.
  • What goes up should go down.
  • What is the difference between Macintosh and Etch-a-Sketch?