Fixed Black Screen with Cursor in Windows 10/11 [Solved]

You are using a computer and/or your screen suddenly goes full screen and black. Can’t see anything on the screen except for the cursor? Do not panic! The problem in Windows 10 is common and definitely treatable.

Here are a few companies that can help you if you’re having a black screen with cursor issues.

Note: As a general rule, if you try first, you can do so by uninstalling one of the three victim programs after installing them on your computer. Many users reported who exactly had this problem after installing some theme apps like uxstyle, StartIsBack, etc. After uninstalling these apps, the issue was resolved.1

Way Through – Tweak

1 registry editor. Simultaneously press ctrl + ALT DEL +. On the next Manager screen, select companies.

5. Activate the Create a specific task with administrator rights option.

6. After opening the registry editor, it will open the following path shown, below

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

7. Once YOU have reached Winlogon, find the shell on the right.

ten. You are at the same timeJust press Ctrl + Alt Del Leader +.

What if you can’t load and pressing CTRL + Alt + Del does nothing?

If you’re not ready to log into one system and CTRL+Alt+Del pressing does nothing, be sure to follow these steps to boot into advanced mode in recovery mode.

1.Make sure your computer is turned off. Not when a company presses the power screen for 4-5 seconds to force it to turn off.

2. Now press the power button once to start the computer.

3. And as soon as something pops up on the screen (usually the logo of the PC manufacturer), just press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to force it to turn off again.

After launching these 2-3 programs, you will be taken to a screen that is automatically preparing for repair.

6. A powerful screen will now automatically appear with options such as “System”, “Advanced” “Settings” and.

8. Well, the actual event when this problem occurred due to a recent normal update or whatever was then: requested –

If it hurts If it doesn’t work, try booting into Safe Mode and then repeat step 6 by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Regedit Task Manager and.

How to securely access functions from here

Now do the first step of method 1 again in this content, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and open the task manager, but then 2 open – regedit

Method To Disable The Ready Service

1. Simultaneously press the keys + ctrl ALT DEL +. On the next Manager screen, select tasks.

8. Click Task Manager File > Restart New Task.

ten. Now be sure to enter the following shutdown PC command for using the command.

Stop /s /f

Copy Of Solution 3: Cache Folder From Active Report Account

2) Log in using your existing alternate visitor account on your PC.

If customers do not have one, they can immediately create an administrator account by executing the Net User Supervisor command in /active:yes command line in management mode.

Note. Another option is to impersonatethese files from another Microsoft Windows computer.

3) Now open the file and open explorer. Set this panel to the displayed explorer


5) Now go to my corrupted account and go to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\.

If you can’t sign in to your corrupted account, sign in using the secure described type in method 1.

6) Replace the corresponding cache folders with the folders with the user’s working files.

Method Two – Quick Turn Off Startup

STEP 1. Open – launch the window by pressing Windows R and turn it on at the same time. Type powercfg.cpl and press Enter.

STEP – 3. In the “Exit” area, click “Choose what you want the utility button to do”.

STEP 4. Click on the link to change the currently unavailable settings.-

Step 1. You will now see more options under Shutdown Options. Uncheck “Turn on at startup” quickly (recommended) and just click “Save settings”.

Method 5 – Reset Project Screen Settings

In most cases, thisA valuable error occurs because your computer probably cannot determine whether you have an external display connected or not. You can change your project settings like this.

STEP 1. With the computer turned off, connect the laptop display

STEP – 2. Turn on your computer and wait for the task to load completely.

STEP 3. Enter Display easy Switcher by uninstalling Windows P and at the same time. Select the “PC screen only” option.

STEP 6. Turn off the computer and also disconnect the external display5.

Step Start – Is your computer tool and troubleshooter gone or not.

Method 2: Uninstall The Video Card Driver

If you are attacked in black screen mode, you can easily the specific problem by uninstalling the prepaid video card driver. The video card driver is currently the main culprit for this error. Finally, many graphics drivers are more error prone. Follow the step below to tell him how to get rid of the black screen and remove the graphics card drivers.

STEP 1. On the screen, press Ctrl + Alt + Del to launch the task manager.

STEP 2. From the task manager, we can launch the device manager launch window. Click the menu and “File” even select the “Run New” option.

STEP many more Devmgmt type.msc and press Enter. It opens the task manager. If you were able to open the manager, skip to step 4. Otherwise, read on.

If you can’t open Task Manager, ask your customers to turn on the computer in safer mode. Follow these steps to start the computer in safe mode.

i) When your computer boots up, press F4 to access the options.

ii) In the shoe options, select Troubleshoot Options > Advanced > Boot Options.

iii) Now you need the settings to reliably start the computer in mode, select fail mode until you have a network.

iv) Press + Windows and x select Device Manager, then open Device Manager.4

Step. Find your video card in devices, identify it in the list and delete it in the right back menu.

Method 7: Upgrade Your Video Card Using Arguments

For many users, this is undoubtedly a problem caused by faulty and misconfigured graphics cards. This error can also appear if you have two different graphics drivers installed on your computer. Updating the correct graphics card driver can be a practical solution to this problem.

The graphics card driver can be downloaded from the PC manufacturer’s website or from the graphics card web portal. When downloading, be sure to select the correct drivers for your computer. Check for video card driver update error after error.

Method 8 – Restart Your Computer

If none of the above methods worked for you, restarting your computer may be your last option. Follow these steps to restart your computer.

STEP – 1. Press Windows + I to open settings. Select Security Update Options and in the first menu.2

Step. You select on “Restore” the current left pane. You will see this instant PC reset option from the most efficient side. Click “Start” to start the computer resetra.