Fix can’t move to Windows 11 beta channel, it’s not active

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A little over a month after this article was originally published, Microsoft announced the first official beta version of Windows 10 for one person. Previous versions were available on the experimental ‘dev’ channel, but this is a hint that a stable first release is enough. for a more general release.

However, many people who have downloaded and installed Windows 11 as soon as possible have had difficulty accessing the “beta channel” where the latest versions are available. Microsoft soon acknowledged the problem and has now provided a solution via support. forum.

Switching between insider programming programs usually requires a complete reinstallation, including the operating system, the ability to quickly switch between them is available in the market in the “Low time” settings. There is a dropdown menu in the Windows Insider Program settings that is available but invisible to some users.Lei. My only idea is to disable the preview instead.


How Do I View Insider Changes?

The Microsoft representative provides a relatively simple package, but it requires instructions to be followed. Unlike the registry, it does not make permanent changes to your computer. Just make sure you enter the exact text you see to avoid unexpected consequences.

  1. Click on the search bar on any taskbar and type “cmd”
  2. The command line tool will appear. On the right side of the start menu, click “Run as administrator”
  3. In the pop-up window that appears, just click to “Yes”, allow the application to “Make changes to your device”.
  4. In this command prompt window, type “bcdedit /set FlightSigning on” and press Enter.
  5. You should now see a “Transaction completed successfully” message. Now type “bcdedit bootmgr /set FlightSigning on” and press Insert
  6. Restart your computer and someone should now see the option in the Windows Insider Settings Reset.

If you still don’t see this option, your PC or non-laptop might meet the new Windows 11 hardware requirements. The Dev Channel didn’t apply their builds, but you should hit the minimum in the Channel. For more information, check out this helpful dedicated guide: Will my computer run Windows 11?

Variants of some of the articles were originally published in German on our partner site World pc.

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  • “I can’t access the Windows 11 Beta Channel, the item is greyed out, how can I fix this?” Well, that’s a question I’ve been wanting to get over the past few days. weeks A few weeks later, I wrote an article about how the beta and preview were at the same stage at the time, so this situation was the perfect time to make changes.

    Ideal because you don’t need to format yourBe your computer, as a reset is only required for most downgrades. But then, since both versions were available on the same stage, there were almost no returns. But now the developer is going to make you outshine the beta and the least soon stable of the three.

    This is not a problem, because everyone knows that developers are always among the least cured. On the way to the beta version, the user experience increases significantly. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for this.

    This is because a channel offer in Windows Beta 11 was greyed out and users still couldn’t select it. This will then result in them being stuck with most of these highly unstable dev builds until all stable builds are in production. Or is there a workaround? It is supposed that there is a guidebook, it should help you to find it. So, without further ado, let’s get to the point.Id=”Cannot_Select_Windows_11_Beta_Channel_What%E2%80%99s_the_Fix”>Not

    Your system currently hasThe developer preview will be selected, with the preview and beta release tubes greyed out. The beta is not available, it’s just a major bug, and the pre-release is not available because the stable hasn’t helped you with the deployment yet. But if you normally use the instructions below, you can leave the Developer Preview as well as the Partial Preview. Yes, you read!

    But these methods will have the advantage of actually being part of the release preview if Windows 11 Stable is no longer released. Well, at least it comes from a less stable developer preview and should usually have a fairly stable Wednesday to finally work. The downside to this skill customization, which you wouldn’t buy, is the weekly cumulative updates. But if you’re ready to say goodbye to development, this proper setup is your best strategy, at least for now.

    In this context, II showed you two different methods that usually accomplish this task: through the command line and in Notepad save. The weird thing about these in the methods is actually that we would have explicitly told Windows to turn on the beta channel, but as a result, it would have to end up in pre-release instead! Anyway, now let’s start with the methods on the right “can’t upgrade to Windows 11 beta channel, it’s not active”.

    Fix Windows 15 Beta Channel Greyed Out Using Command Prompt

    1. Go to a specific start menu, search for CMD and run command prompt as administrator.
    2. Then type the following command and press Enter:
      bcdedit /set FlightSigning on

    3. After that, run the following command:
      bcdedit Bootmgr /set FlightSigning on

    4. When you’re done, restart your computer and you’re now in preview.

    Fix Channel Greyed Out Issue In Windows 11 Beta Editor Via Registry

    1. Press Windows+R to open dialog boxbut.
    2. Then type regedit in the ideas box and press Enter. This starts with the registry editor.
    3. Now copy the weight in descending order and paste it into the address bar:
    4. Next, double-click the UIBranch value on the right side of the screen.
    5. Change the beta value to data by clicking and OK to save.
    6. After that, copy the location of the following address into the registry editor:
    7. Then double-click the file up to BranchName to open the corresponding right side.
      This is
    8. Change market value data to beta click and click ok to and support this.only
    9. Your PC is now
    10. and you are still in Preview.


    After doing the above two steps a few times, you want to check your YouTube channel, go to Windows Settings > Windows Update > Insider Program and everyone will see that it’s probably Preview. So, whoever notices, let’s finish with the reason NevIt is possible to upgrade to Windows 11 Beta Channel resolution, the problem is not active Until the fixes solve this problem, this is the best way to get results. While not exactly a perfect solution, we now have the best we have.